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Farm Babies

It has been a year of births at the farm–first more than 20 lambs in the spring, then four calves in July (with one still expected to arrive this summer), and now two litters of piglets! We think they are all pretty cute, but see for yourself…  First calf born on the farm–two days old. Sleepy piglets, about 18 hours old.  The daddy pig was a Duroc, which is a red breed. This is one of Millie’s piglets, which are […]

The ladies have arrived!

The Blue Heron Farm Cattle Drive (Special Offers!)

Here at Blue Heron we are looking forward to a big year ahead on the farm. In addition to raising more hogs and lambs than ever before, we are ready to take our beef production to the next level. By the middle of April, Blue Heron Farm will be home to five pregnant low-line heifers—the beginning of a herd that we hope will sustain our farm and provide delicious beef to our customers for years to come. It will be […]

Whey Better

First off, I should say – we have pork available again! We’re selling halves and wholes that will be butchered March 20. We know some of you have freezers nearing empty, so please email or call if you’re interested. But it’s not just any pork – after two years of trying to make the logistics work out, this will be our first batch of pigs that we’ve been able to finish on whey rather than on more conventional feed with […]

Signs of Spring

Well, not many signs have arrived, but the first lambs of 2013 graced us with their presence this week.  And so I think of the rebirth of plants, green shoots and flowers, the return of song birds, and warmer days. We do have a sense of the dormancy of winter on the farm, but much like the bubblings under a frozen pond, work and planning for the year ahead continue.  We have ordered our first batch of chickens, arranged for […]

Turkey Love

Baby chicks sure are cute, but baby turkeys (called “poults”) are my favorite. Unlike skittish chicks, turkeys like people and will run toward you, rather than away from you, when you approach them. They do adorable things like cock their heads and poke at your wedding ring (shiny!) and they might even try to pull your hair.   Two years ago when we were raising turkeys for the first time, I fell in love with the tiniest, most pathetic of […]

How does the drought affect small farms?

Just yesterday I was thinking it was time for another rainstorm. Then early this morning I woke up to thunder rumbling outside my bedroom window, and the sacred sound of rain splashing the roof and running in the gutters. If you had told me two weeks ago that our grass would turn green again this summer, I would have scoffed. And yet after a week and a half of regular rain showers it looks like Goshen might recover from this […]

Spent Brewery Grains for the Pigs

Last Thursday drove over to Elkhart in The World’s Most Beautiful and Reliable Farm Truck and picked up a batch of leftover brewery grains from the kind folks Iechyd Da Brewery. It’s been a long term goal to find ways to feed pigs on what otherwise would be food waste, so it was great to find this so close to home. Generally, spent grains are good to replace up to a third of pigs standard feed, so the only question […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Blue Heron Farm.  Work continues on the farm even in the coldest parts of the year. The piggies are getting fat, the sheep are pregnant, and the cattle are eating lots of good hay.  Our first batch of pigs for the new year will be ready in March.  You can reserve your half or whole hog by contacting us.  Or for more info check out the pork page.

2nd Annual Pastured Meats Field Day

Updated Menu: Pit Roasted Pork Loin Herbed Butternut Squash & Fingerling Potatoes Mixed Greens Baked Apple Goody Hot Spiced Cider Coming soon to a Blue Heron Farm near you–our annual field day featuring farm tours, good farm cooking, and general joviality for all!  We invite you to join us for this most excellent event on  Saturday, October 29 beginning at 11:00 am and running until 2:00pm.  Bring your family, bring your friends and meet our turkeys, sheep, cattle, and hogs.  […]