Spent Brewery Grains for the Pigs

Last Thursday drove over to Elkhart in The World’s Most Beautiful and Reliable Farm Truck and picked up a batch of leftover brewery grains from the kind folks Iechyd Da Brewery. It’s been a long term goal to find ways to feed pigs on what otherwise would be food waste, so it was great to find this so close to home. Generally, spent grains are good to replace up to a third of pigs standard feed, so the only question was if the pigs would like it…


Oh, yeah, that’s right. They’re pigs. They like pretty much everything, and they hit the grains like a ton of bricks even though they had been eating all afternoon, fighting with each other not only to eat the most grain, but stand on the most grain as well. Chip says he’ll have more for me next Tuesday, which I guess will be good both for beer drinkers and the pigs.

Come on, buddy. The corral is open, just walk around the fence and you can eat all you want.


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