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Spent Brewery Grains for the Pigs

Last Thursday drove over to Elkhart in The World’s Most Beautiful and Reliable Farm Truck and picked up a batch of leftover brewery grains from the kind folks Iechyd Da Brewery. It’s been a long term goal to find ways to feed pigs on what otherwise would be food waste, so it was great to find this so close to home. Generally, spent grains are good to replace up to a third of pigs standard feed, so the only question […]


Part of keeping pigs outside is rotating them to fresh pasture when they root up their current location. We’ve figured it that can be pretty easy if we let them get just a little hungry and then move the feed and water – they follow us right over, and we close the fence behind them. Here’s what that looks like… [vimeo w=640&h=360] The shot is of the new area – they had been to the left (you can’t quite […]

Baby Turkeys at Red Tail!

Here’s a video of some current farm residents – four week old Turkeys: [vimeo w=640&h=360] They’re in the high-tech brooder at Red Tail Farm in Goshen, waiting to go out to pasture in about a week. ¬†They start slow, but they’ll be ready by Thanksgiving – we even have a few left, so sign up if you haven’t yet.