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Whey Better

First off, I should say – we have pork available again! We’re selling halves and wholes that will be butchered March 20. We know some of you have freezers nearing empty, so please email or call if you’re interested. But it’s not just any pork – after two years of trying to make the logistics work out, this will be our first batch of pigs that we’ve been able to finish on whey rather than on more conventional feed with […]

What to Do with that Ham Hock?

At last month’s CSA pickup, the most discussed item by far was the ham hock – people were either thrilled, or not quite sure what to do with it. So I asked Ann Hostetler, for a recipe – she’s a ham hock superfan. Last year she purchased half a hog from us, I suspect mostly to get the two hocks. Here’s her all purpose split-pea / bean / lentil recipe in prose form – the quantities are very flexible, but […]

Father’s Day Beer Can Chicken

Father’s Day is around the corner and the first delivery of the Blue Heron Meat CSA will arrive just in time. If you haven’t signed up yet, we’ve got a few spots left–check out our CSA page for details. It’s the perfect gift for Dad, and the first pick-up is this Saturday. Father’s Day Beer Can Chicken Two Whole Chickens MARINADE ½ C veggie oil ½ C Water 2 T Worcestershire 2 T Soy Sauce 1T Cider Vinegar 1 T […]

Spent Brewery Grains for the Pigs

Last Thursday drove over to Elkhart in The World’s Most Beautiful and Reliable Farm Truck and picked up a batch of leftover brewery grains from the kind folks Iechyd Da Brewery. It’s been a long term goal to find ways to feed pigs on what otherwise would be food waste, so it was great to find this so close to home. Generally, spent grains are good to replace up to a third of pigs standard feed, so the only question […]

Beef Quarters Available, Facebook

Here’s a picture of three nice looking (If I do say so myself) cattle on the way to the butcher, in preparation for our Summer Meat CSA. We made a last minute decision to sell quarters of one more animal than we had planned to, so we have last minute beef available –  three quarters of beautiful grassfed Black Angus beef for all your summer grilling etc. needs. Each quarter costs $550 and will provide about 135 lbs of custom-cut […]

Waking up the Piggies

This morning we checked on the pigs around 8:30 and they were all still asleep snuggled up, until they heard us and got startled: [youtube=] This Wednesday we moved the pigs out from winter quarters to summer pasture – it involved a pretty sizable truck load of feeders, feed, quonset hut for shelter and of course our beauty pageant winning trailer with 25 impatient pigs inside. The thing about doing this move is that it’s always fun to see just […]

New Baby Chicks

Today we got new baby chicks! Summer CSA people, these are for you. Here they are taking their first drinks: [youtube=]

CSA Signup Begins Now!

You love local, sustainable food and now we have a great new way to get it to you: we’re now taking orders for Blue Heron Farm’s Summer 2012 Meat CSA. If ordering a half hog or quarter of beef was just too much food for your freezer or family, this is a convenient and streamlined way to get delicious pasture-based meats to your table. Members will get a monthly package of local, pasture-raised pork, beef and chicken, a corresponding recipe or two and […]


We’re happy to announce that based on the great success of this fall’s CSA at Blue Heron Farms, we’re going to continue and expand next year. Starting in June, we will begin 3-month CSA periods – one basket per month for three months. We will have a variety of pork, beef, chicken and lamb available – for example, a basket might have a leg of lamb, three chickens and 2-3 pounds of ground beef or pork sausage.  We’re still finalizing membership […]

Best Ever Thanksgiving Turkey

Here’s a picture of the turkey we dry-brined according to the following recipe (ignore the delicious pork roast in the background). It was AWESOME. 1. Wash the turkey inside and out and pat it dry. 2. Sprinkle the inside of the turkey lightly with salt. Place the turkey on its back and salt the breasts, concentrating the salt in the center, where the meat is thickest. Sprinkle liberally, about 6 TB for the whole bird, so about 3 TB here. 3. Turn […]