Waking up the Piggies

This morning we checked on the pigs around 8:30 and they were all still asleep snuggled up, until they heard us and got startled:


This Wednesday we moved the pigs out from winter quarters to summer pasture – it involved a pretty sizable truck load of feeders, feed, quonset hut for shelter and of course our beauty pageant winning trailer with 25 impatient pigs inside.

The thing about doing this move is that it’s always fun to see just how much the pigs like fresh ground to root up – they squeal and complain as we push them off the trailer in their new home then take a look around and stick their noses straight into the ground and start to snuffle around. In a few hours they had found the best grassy are and had eaten quite a bit of it.

You’ll have to pardon the last picture, but it’s one of the good outcomes of having pigs where they get plenty of roughage – pig poop that is dark black rather than grey or yellowish. It means they’re not just rooting around, but eating grass and tubers and bugs, and that varied diet that comes from forage is a big part of what makes them taste especially nice. Whatever color it is, it still smells terrible.

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