Blue Heron is a small family farm located just outside of Millersburg, Indiana. Our place  is a mix of pasture, fruit trees and woodland. The Elkhart River, which borders our land to the south, contributed to the farm’s name–blue herons can be seen flying over our pastures nearly every day.

We specialize in raising healthy, happy animals in a pasture-based system. This means our cattle, sheep, chickens, lambs, and turkeys enjoy the benefits of sunshine and fresh grass on a daily basis. Even our pigs roam and explore the land, enjoying the bounty of shady woodlands and grazing in our diverse pastures.

We started farming in 2001 raising fruits and vegetables on about 1 acre for the Goshen Farmer’s Market.  We soon discovered the joys and necessity of adding animals to a sustainable farm system.  Our first flock of chickens converted garden waste into delicious eggs and nutrient rich manure for the compost pile.  Soon we added sheep and broilers to better utilize and increase the fertility of our pasture/hay ground.

Pigs and cattle joined the farm most recently, adding their distinct personalities to the mix.  We continue to marvel at the symbiosis developing with each new addition to the farm.

We hope this site will give you a window into the joys and heartaches of raising tasty and healthy food for your table.