Our next CSA will begin in July 2017. Please contact us if you would like to join!

Here’s everything you need to know about our CSA .

Why get a Meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Share?

  • eat top-quality, sustainably raised meat
  • know where your food comes from (and visit!)
  • support our local economy
  • enjoy health benefits of pasture-based food
  • convenient monthly pickup of a variety of pork and beef

How Does it Work?
You buy a share and each month for the next four months we’ll put together a selection of our stunningly delicious sustainably raised meats and package it in a handy reusable tote.

So, This is Basically a Meat-of-The-Month Club?


What Do I Get?
Each month for four months you’ll get a different selection of meats; always some basics like hamburger and pork sausage, but also some prime cuts – steaks, roasts and chops. The goal is to provide 8-9 meals for a couple or 5+ meals for a family of four, but still be able to fit it in a normal freezer (even if you have a few tubs of ice cream). Total weight will vary based on the value of the items included, about 13-15 lbs.

Be More Specific – Can You Give Me an Example?
A pickup might include something like:
– 1 pork shoulder roast
– 2 lbs Ground Beef
– 2 lb bulk pork sausage
– 1 lb bacon
– 1 beef roast

How Much Does it Cost?

A four-month membership costs $295. This means you pay about $5-6 per pound for all of our meat, from grass-fed beef steaks to bacon to pork chops.

When Does it Start?

Our next CSA begins in July 2017.  Please contact us if you would like to be on the list.

When and Where Can I Pick Up?

Pickups will be on Saturday mornings, conveniently located in downtown Goshen.

Shall I Tell All My Friends About This Amazing Opportunity?


Can I Pick What Goes in my Basket?

Sorry, but to keep costs reasonable we have to streamline putting the bags together, so there’s no mix-and-match.

(to clarify, this pig is lazy, fat and happy, but not dead…)