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CSA Signups–Last Call

We have doubled our CSA capacity this year and have nearly filled the available slots. Thanks so much to all who already signed up. We have just a few spots left in our summer meat CSA. Sign up now to provide your family with a mix of grass fed beef, pastured whey-fed pork, and pastured chicken. For $265 your family will receive 4 installments of meat from June-September. For $500 you will receive 8 installments from June-February. In addition to […]

Signs of Spring

Well, not many signs have arrived, but the first lambs of 2013 graced us with their presence this week.  And so I think of the rebirth of plants, green shoots and flowers, the return of song birds, and warmer days. We do have a sense of the dormancy of winter on the farm, but much like the bubblings under a frozen pond, work and planning for the year ahead continue.  We have ordered our first batch of chickens, arranged for […]

On to Grass!

In an unprecedented move, the cattle and sheep moved from their over winter area onto lush green grass yesterday! I have never moved animals onto our perennial pastures so early, but the exceptionally warm temps spurred tremendous growth. We are grateful to be finished hay feeding and look forward to a long grazing season.  The animals noticed me setting up fencing and quickly came when called to enjoy the salad bar.  Below is a video of the sheep leaving the […]

Nice article in the Goshen News

The Goshen News wrote an article featuring Clay Bottom Farm, some good friends of ours, and none other than your very own Blue Heron Farm! Thanks John Kline for a job well done. Check it out at:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Blue Heron Farm.  Work continues on the farm even in the coldest parts of the year. The piggies are getting fat, the sheep are pregnant, and the cattle are eating lots of good hay.  Our first batch of pigs for the new year will be ready in March.  You can reserve your half or whole hog by contacting us.  Or for more info check out the pork page.

2nd Annual Pastured Meats Field Day

Updated Menu: Pit Roasted Pork Loin Herbed Butternut Squash & Fingerling Potatoes Mixed Greens Baked Apple Goody Hot Spiced Cider Coming soon to a Blue Heron Farm near you–our annual field day featuring farm tours, good farm cooking, and general joviality for all!  We invite you to join us for this most excellent event on  Saturday, October 29 beginning at 11:00 am and running until 2:00pm.  Bring your family, bring your friends and meet our turkeys, sheep, cattle, and hogs.  […]

A winter meat CSA!

An update:  Our winter CSA is full!  Look for info in the spring for an expanded CSA. We gladly announce a trial run of Michiana’s first meat CSA, beginning in October and running into December.  The plan is as follows:  You the customer pay in advance for a once a month pickup of delectable frozen pastured meat including our chicken, pork, lamb, and maybe even a little beef. The cost is $150 for 3 months.  Each month’s package would include […]

Pig Butchering

Well life isn’t always glorious on the farm, and animals sometimes get sick.  We sadly had a pig develop seizures due to infection in the brain.  It is not clear why this would happen, but the vet assured us the pig would be perfectly edible.  So we decided to butcher it ourselves and make bacon, sausage, prosciutto, pork chops, and other delicious treats to eat ourselves. When it became clear we would need to butcher this pig I felt heavy.  […]