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A winter meat CSA!

An update:  Our winter CSA is full!  Look for info in the spring for an expanded CSA. We gladly announce a trial run of Michiana’s first meat CSA, beginning in October and running into December.  The plan is as follows:  You the customer pay in advance for a once a month pickup of delectable frozen pastured meat including our chicken, pork, lamb, and maybe even a little beef. The cost is $150 for 3 months.  Each month’s package would include […]


Part of keeping pigs outside is rotating them to fresh pasture when they root up their current location. We’ve figured it that can be pretty easy if we let them get just a little hungry and then move the feed and water – they follow us right over, and we close the fence behind them. Here’s what that looks like… [vimeo w=640&h=360] The shot is of the new area – they had been to the left (you can’t quite […]

Pig Butchering

Well life isn’t always glorious on the farm, and animals sometimes get sick.  We sadly had a pig develop seizures due to infection in the brain.  It is not clear why this would happen, but the vet assured us the pig would be perfectly edible.  So we decided to butcher it ourselves and make bacon, sausage, prosciutto, pork chops, and other delicious treats to eat ourselves. When it became clear we would need to butcher this pig I felt heavy.  […]

Baby Turkeys at Red Tail!

Here’s a video of some current farm residents – four week old Turkeys: [vimeo w=640&h=360] They’re in the high-tech brooder at Red Tail Farm in Goshen, waiting to go out to pasture in about a week.  They start slow, but they’ll be ready by Thanksgiving – we even have a few left, so sign up if you haven’t yet.

Hello from Blue Heron!

We love to eat, and to eat well.  That simple fact contributed greatly to the fact that we farm.  For us to eat well begins with fruits, vegetables, grains, and animals that are raised well.  Our farming continues to teach us what it means to do just that.  Care of course must be taken in all parts of the process of eating, and so we also consider harvesting/butchering, cooking in the kitchen, and presentation of food important.  We hope this […]