Hello from Blue Heron!

We love to eat, and to eat well.  That simple fact contributed greatly to the fact that we farm.  For us to eat well begins with fruits, vegetables, grains, and animals that are raised well.  Our farming continues to teach us what it means to do just that.  Care of course must be taken in all parts of the process of eating, and so we also consider harvesting/butchering, cooking in the kitchen, and presentation of food important.  We hope this blog/website will give you a glimpse of some of those processes as we experience them from field to table.

So who are we really?  Blue Heron Farm of course.  A group of folks-Tom, Casandra, and Susana, and Elise and Adam.  Hopefully you’ll get to know us each a little better as time goes by.  We farm in several locations, with our primary activity taking place along the Elkhart River southeast of Goshen, IN.  That is the farm so named “Blue Heron” and the home of Tom, Casandra, and Susana.  Elise and Adam reside in Goshen and utilize pastures there.  Together we work on the major animal husbandry tasks and the marketing/sales of the meat we produce.

Please check out the individual pages full of valuable and interesting info on the animals we raise, how to reach us, and how to purchase meat from us.  We think you’ll like it.

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