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Elkhart Dining Days–Featuring Blue Heron Pork!

If you haven’t yet taken part in Elkhart Dining Days, you are missing out! It’s your chance to eat delicious food, support local restaurants, and give to a good cause–$2 of every meal goes to support Church Community Services. We’re a little late in our announcement, but there are still a few days left. Through October 6 you can get either a 3-course meal or dinner for 2 for just $25, depending on the restaurant. We are of course partial […]

Farm to Table Meal featuring Blue Heron pork!

Check out this latest event by our friends at Clay Bottom Farm, along with Viand Chef Services. (We think the 4th course looks especially tasty.) Follow the links for photos of a previous farm to table meal–it looks amazing!

Turkey Love

Baby chicks sure are cute, but baby turkeys (called “poults”) are my favorite. Unlike skittish chicks, turkeys like people and will run toward you, rather than away from you, when you approach them. They do adorable things like cock their heads and poke at your wedding ring (shiny!) and they might even try to pull your hair.   Two years ago when we were raising turkeys for the first time, I fell in love with the tiniest, most pathetic of […]

How does the drought affect small farms?

Just yesterday I was thinking it was time for another rainstorm. Then early this morning I woke up to thunder rumbling outside my bedroom window, and the sacred sound of rain splashing the roof and running in the gutters. If you had told me two weeks ago that our grass would turn green again this summer, I would have scoffed. And yet after a week and a half of regular rain showers it looks like Goshen might recover from this […]

Easy Pulled Pork for Busy People (no oven required)

For many people, summer is the time to kick back, relax, and maybe get a few projects done around the house. But for me, summer is always the busiest time of year. Summer means more animals: since our chickens are pasture-raised, we raise them between April and October, when it’s warm enough for them to live outdoors full-time. By July we have several batches of chickens going at once–one or two hundred on pasture and a hundred in the brooder, […]

Half-Hogs for Sale Now!

We have pasture-raised pork available now, custom cut to your specifications. There are a few left, but they’re going to butcher next week, so contact Elise and Adam at 574.971.5146 to reserve your half or whole hog! These fat-and-happy pigs have spent their lives in shady pastures, eating roots, tubers, leaves and grass. They’ve enjoyed locally grown, GMO-free feed, supplemented with spent brewery grains from Iechyd Da Brewery. (Check out our video of the pigs eating brewery grains–and loving it–for […]

Blue Heron Sausage at the Constant Spring–Tonight!

We are big fans of First Fridays here in Goshen, especially the May edition. We highly recommend coming downtown tonight for the I ❤ Goshen Bicycle Criterium–an awesomely fast bike race that draws professional cyclists from miles around. But tonight we are especially excited because A Constant Spring is serving up a First Fridays special: Blue Heron pork sausage! So if you don’t have plans yet, come downtown tonight. Since they are serving food in the alley next to the […]

Close to the Ground, Signs of Spring

Earlier this week Adam and I went for a walk in the woods where we pastured the pigs last summer. For the most part, it still looks like winter: A few dry leaves still clinging to otherwise bare branches. Blackberry canes thick with thorns and nothing else. Crumbling wallows where once the pigs mudded up on hot days. But if you squint a little you can see the slightest tinge of green on the ground. And if you get on […]

Giving Thanks

We hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving turkey. We sure did! We also want to give a heartfelt (if belated) thank you to all of you who came out for our field day at the end of October. It was great to see all your lovely faces, take you around the farm, and share a meal with you. And the rain held off until the very end, so we’re thankful for that, too. So, one more time–thank you for your […]