Half-Hogs for Sale Now!

We have pasture-raised pork available now, custom cut to your specifications. There are a few left, but they’re going to butcher next week, so contact Elise and Adam at 574.971.5146 to reserve your half or whole hog!

These fat-and-happy pigs have spent their lives in shady pastures, eating roots, tubers, leaves and grass. They’ve enjoyed locally grown, GMO-free feed, supplemented with spent brewery grains from Iechyd Da Brewery. (Check out our video of the pigs eating brewery grains–and loving it–for the first time.)

See our Pork Page for more details, and also our Half-Hog Butcher Info if you’re curious about the kinds of cuts you can get with a standard half-hog. Just remember you’ll get to choose exactly what you want–and we’re happy to talk you through the process if you’d like some advice.

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