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Loading Pigs REALLY FAST

Next in our series of sped-up videos shot from the top of farm vehicles, here’s us loading the first two or three pigs onto our trailer for the trip to the butcher this Monday. Then the battery in my camera died. [vimeo w=640&h=360] This may seem like a pretty low-tech affair, but the corral and chute system we’re using now is highly evolved and the result of many dusty and exhausting hours spent not being successful getting pigs onto […]

Pig Butchering

Well life isn’t always glorious on the farm, and animals sometimes get sick.  We sadly had a pig develop seizures due to infection in the brain.  It is not clear why this would happen, but the vet assured us the pig would be perfectly edible.  So we decided to butcher it ourselves and make bacon, sausage, prosciutto, pork chops, and other delicious treats to eat ourselves. When it became clear we would need to butcher this pig I felt heavy.  […]